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Spin-Orbit Physics Giving Rise to Novel Phases in Correlated Systems: Iridates and Related Materials

Recently, the effects of spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in correlated materials have become one of the most actively studied subjects in condensed matter physics, as correlations and SOC together can lead to the discovery of new phases. Examples include unconventional magnetism, spin liquids, and strongly correlated topological phases such as topological superconductivity. Among candidate materials, iridium oxides (iridates) have been an excellent playground to uncover such novel phenomena. In this review, we discuss recent progress in iridates and related materials, focusing on the basic concepts, relevant microscopic Hamiltonians, and unusual properties of iridates in perovskite- and honeycomb-based structures. Perspectives on SOC and correlation physics beyond iridates are also discussed.

Jeffrey G. Rau, Eric Kin-Ho Lee, Hae-Young Kee